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Mobile FOAM Fire Extinguisher stored pressure modles and mechanical foam model have the following characteristics. AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam is an extinguisher, suppressing fires almost as quickly as powder. In addition FOAM seal the burning surface against re-ignition, it is intended for use mainly against fires in petrol, oil and other liquids but is highly effective with other ordinary fires. In extinguishing, the FOAM is partly broken down and gives off a thin film spreading over the burning surface and preventing further release of the burning gases. The film in self-heading i.e. if it is damaged in any way, new film will quickly float out and cover the fuel surface again. The FOAM will there-fore give exceptionally good protection against re-ignition which means increased safety for the operator.

Capacity 22 Gals. (100Ltrs) of’ plus – F’solution at 10% concentration. ‘Colour Cream Duration of Discharge Continuous 75 secounds Solution throughput 16 Gals. Pm (73 liters pm)’ Hose 15 ft. Rubber house terminating in applicator’ Effective jet length 40ft. (12m) temperature Range Standard charge 00 c to 600 c (320 F to 1400 F) Operating pressure at normal temperature the unit reaches an operating pressure of 150=Skbf/ in 2 in 3-5 sees. (10.5=0.35kgf/cm2)