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DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHERS are characterized by their high performance simple method of operation with a repid fire knock down capability. They are suitable for tracking fires involving freely burning materials, petrol and oils, gas and electrical equipment. They are idel for vehicles.

DRY POWDER portable extinguisher are easily carried to the best position for fighting a fire and allowed the operation to vary the discharge including complete intermption to meet the need of a changing fire situation and to get optical results.

  •  Ready for instance use
  •  Simple squeeze operation
  •  Controllable discharge
  •  Maximum fire tracking capability
  •  Safety pin to indicate tampering
  •   Safety pin to indicate tampering
  •  Pressure gauge to verity the retention of charge
  •  Refillable and easy to service
  •  Choice of capacity from 1 to 25kgs
  •  Non conductive for electricity extinguishable up tp 1000v