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CO2 Fire Extinguisher


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Carbon Dioxide at atmospheric pressure is a colourless and electrically non-conductive inert gas which is almost 1.5 times as dense as air. It is stored as a liquid under pressure and 1 kg of liquid carbon dioxide expanded to atmospheric pressure will produce about 0.56 m of gas at a temperature of 30 C.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher is recommended for smothering fires such as Liquid combustible matter eg. Petrol, olis, grease, ether alcohol, and is also suitable for use on fires involving live electrical apparatus. As a localized system.

Areas where carbon dioxide system could provide a feasible extinguisher include telecommunications facilities, computer rooms, control rooms, transformers /switchgear rooms, records storage, and liquid hazards.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher is filled with Co2 liquid gas and squeeze grip or wheel type operation with the service discharge head and snow horn for repid Fire Fighting.

The container is made of high quality shcetsteel, weather resistant polyester resin paint finish and available in 2kg 3kg – 5kg 25 kg etc. pressure tested to 5 bars and supplied complete with wall bracket.